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| Defibrillatoren Pads | Defibrillatoren Pads
Available connectors Shiller FRED EASY FREAD EASY 2G DEFIGARD DG 4000 DEFIGARD DG 5000 DEFIGARD DG 6002 Plug #1 Philips Laerdal Medical Agilent Phlips Heartstream ForeRunner I AED model E, S, EM Heartstart FR1 AED Modelle 940010XX,...
TAB adhesive electrode TAB adhesive electrode
Pregelatinized disposable surfaces adhesive TAB electrode for ECG. Used in combination with alligator clips cable . Packaging unit: 20 x 20mm AgCl - 100 pcs 20 x 20mm tin - 100 pcs 20 x 22mm Ag/AgCl - 25 x 100 pcs 14 x 22mm Ag/AgCl - 10...
ECG clamp electrodes, AgCl ECG clamp electrodes, AgCl
ECG clamp-electrodes, Ag/AgCl, Adult or children