Get our famous series of posters and decorate your lab, your Treatment room, or you can
even bring
their patients to simply smile.

The posters are free of charge and either print or as a download for your PC in the A1 format.


GVB-geliMED Poster

Motif Thème Format Download
Mats with system cap
EEG system cap with slogan "all what you need " DIN A1 .jpg
Sleeping man Sleep sensors with slogan "for each question the right answer".
DIN A1 .jpg

Stimulation method

Stimulation with spring, slogan: "Stimulation method antiquated?" DIN A1 .jpg
Myoline needle program
Needle in application
"The needle of the experts"
DIN A1 .jpg
EEG electrodes Medical with bridge electrode DIN A1 .jpg