eCl@ss Classifications





eCl@ss is a hierarchical system for grouping materials, products and services according to a logical structure with a level detail that corresponds to the product-specific properties that can be described using norm-conforming properties.

Products and services can be allocated to the four-stage, numeric eCl@ss class structure.

Search terms and synonyms permit targeted sourcing of products and services within the classification. Property bars with standardized properties and value tables enable accurate description and subsequent identification of products and services.

To improve quality of data, eCl@ss e.V offers a technical well-founded, uniform classification of products and services to eCl@ss.



eCl@ss classification-codes at

We at GVB-geliMED has been classified 100% of our products. To enable this classification-codes to many users of this system, we display the eCl@ss-number in our online-shop directly on the detail-site.




eCl@ss search-function on

The search function on allows an article-search with this eCl@ss number. In course of time, the classification levels will be eloborate so, that more exact descriptions will be possible as anyway yet.




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