Disposable Cup electrodes - stamped

Disposable Cup electrodes - stamped
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  • DEGS052606
  • 34-27-02-04
  • 9018 90 84
  • Italien
  • SC34-226
· Designed for pediatric patients with a diameter of 6 mm ·  Reduced diameter of... more
Product information "Disposable Cup electrodes - stamped"

· Designed for pediatric patients with a diameter of 6 mm
· Reduced diameter of electrode to allow recording in more focused areas
· Carrier material is made of pure Ag 999.99 ‰ for the highest recorded signal quality
· The Touchproof Connectors ensure a stable long-term connection to any type of equipment
· The cable guarantees maximum resistance and flexibility
· Moulded cable-electrode connection ensures high mechanical strength during use
· Available material: Silver Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl), Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag)

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