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Cable Sheating Cable Sheating
Flexible cable sheating to secure the MultiCap electrode cables
Adapter 1,5mm socket/connector Adapter 1,5mm socket/connector
Adapter for connecting MultiCaps with 20 - 21 x 1.5mm DIN sockets on the electrode side and a 25pol. universal adapter plug device side.
Sub D connector Sub D connector
To be used with all types of MultiCap Stay flexible with our new 25-pin Sub-D plug In order to make the electrodes trunks service-friendly, we have developed a connector that allows the user to replace or change individual electrodes,...
Cable fixing strap (MultiCaps) Cable fixing strap (MultiCaps)
With this Velcro fixing strap, the electrode-cables of the system cap can be fixed together.
Electrode adapter for MultiCap Flat Electrode adapter for MultiCap Flat
Electrode apdapter for MultiCap Flat with 25 pin connector
Cup electrodes LTM Cup electrodes LTM
The new cup electrodes are up to 25% lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear for your patient . The cup electrodes are made of gold or Ag/AgCl and can be used individually or with our MultiCap Cup. For easy using you get the...
MULTI CAPS offer excellent qualities for equipment, quality and material, but a additional special feature - the unobstructed access to the electrode-positions after the final cap placing. Through gaps in the textile material, all...
Disposable Net Cap Disposable Net Cap
This net cap was made to protect the external cables. In addition, a chin strap is integrated into the net cap. The net cap is intended for single use.
Ear electrode + holder (MULTI CAP - FLAT - PRO - DOC) Ear electrode + holder (MULTI CAP - FLAT - PRO...
Electrodes that can be plugged into the matching ear clips for MULTI CAPS - FLAT, PRO, BASE or DOC. Suitable as reference electrode.
Ear electrode holder for MultiCap Ear electrode holder for MultiCap
Set of ear electrode holder for MultiCap BASE, FLAT, DOC and PRO.
Blunt needle kit Blunt needle kit
Blunt needles are useful to fill the electrodes
Disposable cannulas Disposable cannulas
The syringe-bodys can be ordered in each cases in packages of 100 pc.
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