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Press stud cable - color mix Press stud cable - color mix
Dies Druckknopfkabel erhalten Sie im Farbmix mit 5 x 2 Farben in schwarz, gelb, grün, rot und weiß. Diese Kabel dienen zum optimalen Anschluss an Druckknopfelektroden Sie haben eine Auswahl von 3 Kabellängen mit 1,5 mm TP Stecker.
Press stud cable Press stud cable
Druckknopfkabel eignen sich zum Anschluss von Druckknopfelektroden an die verschiedensten Geräte für EKG - EMG - EEG. Sie haben die Auswahl von 10 unterschiedlichen Farben und 3 Kabellängen.
Sterile Electrode for ERG Sterile Electrode for ERG
Designed to be used during Electroretinography (ERG). Records the electrical signal of the retina cells, including the webs.
Disposable ERG-JET electrode Disposable ERG-JET electrode
Disposable Corneal Lens Electrode for ERG measurements are available in two packaging units. The electrode is equipped with a 100cm lead wire with 1,5mm DIN connector. The electrode will be delivered sterile.
TAB Adhesive Electrode TAB Adhesive Electrode
Pre-gelled disposable surface TAB adhesive electrodes made of Ag / AgCl with 2 different recording surfaces. Can be used in conjunction with crocodile clip cable.
Cup electrode - casted Cup electrode - casted
Ideal cable-electrode conneciton to avoid corrosion at the junction. Autoclavable electrode with extremly flexible silicon cable (available in non autoclavable version on request). Available material Silver/Silver chloride (Ag/AgCl),...
Adhesive Electrode for Sleep or Long Term Monitoring Adhesive Electrode for Sleep or Long Term...
Material used suitable for PSG and high durable. Small size for pediatric and facial use. Excellent recording performance due to gel application. Size 28 x 22 mm with 1,5mm DIN connector.
NCS Adhesive Electrode NCS Adhesive Electrode
High quality sensor for excellent recordings and high resistance to usage. Size 28 x 20 mm . With 1,5mm DIN connector or 0,7mm PIN connector (only cable length 8cm)
Disposable surface adhesive electrode Disposable surface adhesive electrode
Excellent recording performance of the ECG signal. Hydrogel ensures excellent and constant adhesion to the patients skin. The electrode can be repositioned many times without reducing its adhesion. Hydrogel is very gentle so it can be...
Finger toe stimulation electrodes Finger toe stimulation electrodes
This finger/toe stimulation electrode consists of a Velcro strip used to attach the electrode to the finger or toe.
Disposable subdermal needle with 0,7mm PIN connector Disposable subdermal needle with 0,7mm PIN...
The subdermal needle with 0,7mm PIN connector can be attached to connecting cable 1002MED71F and 2002MED71F. The 2-core or 3-core (100cm or 200cm long) cable can be equipped with a 5-channel DIN or 1,5mm DIN plug as required.
Adhesive electrodes with reduced recording area Adhesive electrodes with reduced recording area
This adhesive electrode has a special shape and a specific size studied to permit a perfect registration even from the small muscles. The solid gel is developed
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