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Cup electrode - casted Cup electrode - casted
Ideal cable-electrode conneciton to avoid corrosion at the junction. Autoclavable electrode with extremly flexible silicon cable (available in non autoclavable version on request). Available material Silver/Silver chloride (Ag/AgCl),...
Reusable Cup electrodes - stamped Reusable Cup electrodes - stamped
· Carrier material is made of pure Ag 999.99 ‰ for the highest recorded signal quality · The Touchproof Connectors ensure a stable long-term connection to any type of equipment · The cable guarantees maximum resistance and flexibility ·...
Disposable Cup electrodes - stamped Disposable Cup electrodes - stamped
· Designed for pediatric patients with a diameter of 6 mm · Reduced diameter of electrode to allow recording in more focused areas · Carrier material is made of pure Ag 999.99 ‰ for the highest recorded signal quality · The Touchproof...
Disposable Cup electrode (MRI) Disposable Cup electrode (MRI)
Due to safety concerns, MRI scans for patients fitted with pacemakers was not an option. Disposable MRI electrodes made of Ag/AgCl now make it possible for hundreds of thousands of such patients to benefit from MRI diagnostic techniques....
Disposable Cup electrode (MRI) Disposable Cup electrode (MRI)
The electrodes can be used in CT diagnoctic techniques: Electrodes are made of Ag/AgCl and have a diameter of 10 mm
Cup electrodes LTM Cup electrodes LTM
The new cup electrodes are up to 25% lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear for your patient . The cup electrodes are made of gold or Ag/AgCl and can be used individually or with our MultiCap Cup. For easy using you get the...
Disposable CUP-electrode Disposable CUP-electrode
Disposable EEG CUP-Electrode, diameter 10 mm and Ag/AgCl surface for best signal recording. With different colored cables and touch proof 1,5mm DIN connector.
Disposable cup electrodes - Ag/AgCl Disposable cup electrodes - Ag/AgCl
Disposable Cup-electrodes are excellent alternative to the traditional Ag/AgCl electrodes. The low cost allows to use that electrodes also with polygraphy- and EP-recordings. The layer material are from plastic that was mounted with a...
SPIDER electrode SPIDER electrode
The SPIDER electrode is a excellent alternative to the normal CUP-electrodes because of the special design, the construction and the lvery light weight SPIDER electrodes can be used with a adhesive-conductive paste or cream as an...
CUP-electrode gold (GRASS) CUP-electrode gold (GRASS)
GRASS CUP-electrodes from gold, in 6mm or 10mm diameter available. Different cable-lengths with 1,5mm DIN connector or 2mm connector.