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Tympanic Electrode - sterile packed Tympanic Electrode - sterile packed
The bipolar micro-splitter probe is especially suitable for stimulating distal nerve branches with micro- and macroscopic nerve presentation.
SAC2 adhesive conductive paste SAC2 adhesive conductive paste
SAC2 is an adhesive EEG electrode cream to use with surface electrodes. SAC2 provides the resistive, cohesive and adhesive features necessary even for long term recording.
Geschirmte Multipolare Kabel Geschirmte Multipolare Kabel
Hier finden Sie unterschiedliche geschirmte Multipolare Kabel, jeweils mit 1,5 mm TP oder 5 pol. Stecker und 100 cm Kabel
Clip cable Clip cable
Clip cable set in the colors black, green and red with different cable lengths and 1.5 mm TP plug
Press stud cable - color mix Press stud cable - color mix
Dies Druckknopfkabel erhalten Sie im Farbmix mit 5 x 2 Farben in schwarz, gelb, grün, rot und weiß. Diese Kabel dienen zum optimalen Anschluss an Druckknopfelektroden Sie haben eine Auswahl von 3 Kabellängen mit 1,5 mm TP Stecker.
Press stud cable Press stud cable
Druckknopfkabel eignen sich zum Anschluss von Druckknopfelektroden an die verschiedensten Geräte für EKG - EMG - EEG. Sie haben die Auswahl von 10 unterschiedlichen Farben und 3 Kabellängen.
Cable Sheating Cable Sheating
Flexible cable sheating to secure the MultiCap electrode cables
Sterile Electrode for ERG Sterile Electrode for ERG
Designed to be used during Electroretinography (ERG). Records the electrical signal of the retina cells, including the webs.
Dispocap NETCAP (disposable) Dispocap NETCAP (disposable)
The Dispocap is for disposable use and available in four sizes. The electrodes are integrated in the NET CAP with screwable electrode bodies and can be positioned very comfortable. The wires are located externally in order to avoid any...
Disposable ERG-JET electrode Disposable ERG-JET electrode
Disposable Corneal Lens Electrode for ERG measurements are available in two packaging units. The electrode is equipped with a 100cm lead wire with 1,5mm DIN connector. The electrode will be delivered sterile.
TAB Adhesive Electrode TAB Adhesive Electrode
Pre-gelled disposable surface TAB adhesive electrodes made of Ag / AgCl with 2 different recording surfaces. Can be used in conjunction with crocodile clip cable.
Disposable Cup electrode - casted Disposable Cup electrode - casted
Ideal cable-electrode conneciton to avoid corrosion at the junction. Autoclavable electrode with extremly flexible silicon cable (available in non autoclavable version on request). Available material Silver/Silver chloride (Ag/AgCl),...
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