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| OneStep Gel | OneStep Gel
Long conductivity and low measuring resistance. Without fat and alcohol. Skin friendly and odorless.
New formulation suitable for skin preparation before EEG recording. Guarantees low impedance and is dermatologically tested for the most sensitive skins.
EVERI skin preparation cream EVERI skin preparation cream
The special mixture of EVERI reduces skin impedance to a minimum and is specially for use with EEG, EMG, EP, ECG longtime- and telemetry-monitorings.
NUPREP preparation gel NUPREP preparation gel
Nuprep is a modern, medium-grained skin preparation gel. We recommended Nuprep also for sensitive skin such as premature babies , because it does not cause skin irritation . It is used to reduce the electrical resistance of the skin....
SKIN-PURE preparation cream SKIN-PURE preparation cream
SKIN PURE is a skin preparation paste with abrasive qualities.