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Inserts for stimulation electrode SP29 Inserts for stimulation electrode SP29
Inserts made of steel for stimulation electrode STIL...
Impedance measuring device "Quicktester" Impedance measuring device "Quicktester"
With the NEUROWERK QuickTester you are able, quickly and reliably verify the functionality of medical supplies. The QuickTester is used to check all current accessories EEG and EMG equipment. It can all cables, electrodes and EEG caps...
Paper for EEG devices Paper for EEG devices
Paper for various EEG devices
Styropor head Styropor head
Styropor head for safe storage or for drying caps.
Felt insets for SP28 Felt insets for SP28
Felts for stimulation electrode STIL... Diameter 6mm, length 7mm
Stimulation bowl for SP27 and SP28 Stimulation bowl for SP27 and SP28
Bowl from steel for stimulation electrode STIS and STIL with 3mm or 6mm each, round.
Felt insets for STIS... Felt insets for STIS...
Felts for stimulation electrode STIS... Diameter 3mm, Length 8mm
Filze, Stimulation, Filzeinsätze Felt insets for STIM...
Felts for stimulation electrode STIM... Diameter 7mm, length 7mm
Velcro tape Velcro tape
Replacement velcro strap to fix the stimulate and recording electrode. Optional with 30cm, 55cm or 100cm length.
Stimulation-balls for STIM... Stimulation-balls for STIM...
Stimulation balls for bipolare, shielded stimulation electrode (STIM...)
Felt inserts for STRC... Felt inserts for STRC...
Set of 10 felt inserts for the large and the small bar- stimulation- and recording-electrode (STRC...). Measurements: 20 x 8 x 6 mm
Electrode sticks Electrode sticks
Electrode-sticks with 5mm stimulation balls on top, for the modifiable stimulation electrode STIM015... Packaging unit: 1 pair in red, 1 pair in black
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