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Cerebro - IOM strip-electrode Cerebro - IOM strip-electrode
1 cm wide strip electrodes for implantation using a borehole. The electrodes have a thickness of 0.45 and a diameter of 0.4 mm. The distance between the contacts - calculated from center to center - is 10mm...
Électrodes grid 16, 32, 64 pôles Électrodes grid 16, 32, 64 pôles
L’épaisseur de contact représente 0,50 mm. De point central à point central des contacts, la distance est de 1 cm. Au choix, et sur demande, les contacts peuvent avoir également un espacement 0,50, 0,70 ou 1,00 cm, de point central à...
IOM strip-electrode IOM strip-electrode
Strip (grid) electrodes are 1 cm wide strip-electrodes for implantation by means of a drill hole. The electrodes are 0.50 or 0.76mm thick. The distance...
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