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Mentonnière (élastique) Mentonnière (élastique)
Mentonnière élastique pour la fixation de MEDCAPS, SLEEPCAPS, SOFTCAPS et CUPCAPS
Vario-Haube groß mit 4 Längsverstrebungen - VARIO-Cap largel with 4 straight-straps EEG PTS-Cap
PTS-Caps are made from PTS (latexfree) and can exactly adjusted by their Two Way - connection points (see details) and their adjustable bands. On this way you can get the electrode positions for the 10/20 recording-system by the sheme...
Chin protector (PTS-Cap) Chin protector (PTS-Cap)
Soft and flexible chin-protector for the GVB-geliMED PTS-Cap. Made with soft and elastic materials designed for excellent patient comfort.
Schläuche für PTS VARIO-Hauben Tubes (PTS-Cap)
Coloured tubes from PTS for GVB-geliMED PTS-Caps (Set of 5 tubes á 1m)
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