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Shielded monopolar cable Shielded monopolar cable
Here you can find different shielded mulitpolar cable with 1,5 mm Touch Proof or 5 pole connector and 100 cm cable.
Clip cable Clip cable
Clip cable set in the colors black, green and red with different cable lengths and 1.5 mm TP plug
Press stud cable - color mix Press stud cable - color mix
Dies Druckknopfkabel erhalten Sie im Farbmix mit 5 x 2 Farben in schwarz, gelb, grün, rot und weiß. Diese Kabel dienen zum optimalen Anschluss an Druckknopfelektroden Sie haben eine Auswahl von 3 Kabellängen mit 1,5 mm TP Stecker.
Press stud cable Press stud cable
Druckknopfkabel eignen sich zum Anschluss von Druckknopfelektroden an die verschiedensten Geräte für EKG - EMG - EEG. Sie haben die Auswahl von 10 unterschiedlichen Farben und 3 Kabellängen.
Adapter for "Schwarzer" devices Adapter for "Schwarzer" devices
Special electrode board Adapter for individual electrode connection to "Schwarzer" EEG devices, which have a 37 or 50-pin collective plug. Other adapters for common EEG devices on request.
Adapter 1,5mm socket/connector Adapter 1,5mm socket/connector
Adapter for connecting MultiCaps with 20 - 21 x 1.5mm DIN sockets on the electrode side and a 25pol. universal adapter plug device side.
Sub D connector Sub D connector
To be used with all types of MultiCap Stay flexible with our new 25-pin Sub-D plug In order to make the electrodes trunks service-friendly, we have developed a connector that allows the user to replace or change individual electrodes,...
Câble de raccordement Câble de raccordement
Disponible en 3 exécutions différentes avec prise DIN 1,5 mm et au choix prise 1 mm, prise 0,7 mm ou Pin 1 mm pour le raccordement, par exemple, d’aiguilles sous-cutanées et d’électrodes adhésives. La longueur de câble pour les câbles «...
Adapter 4mm to snap button Adapter 4mm to snap button
Adapter 4mm socket to snap button.
Electrode board adapter Electrode board adapter
Electrode Board Adapter with 1.5 mm DIN connectors including reference connector . The cables are marked with position indications . Total length of the cable is 50cm .
Cable with 2 x 0,7mm sockets Cable with 2 x 0,7mm sockets
Cable with 2 x 0,7mm socket and 5-pole 270° connector. (Original Alpine Biomed)
Adapter 2mm socket to 1,5mm Adapter 2mm socket to 1,5mm
Adapter 2mm socket to 1,5mm DIN
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