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CUP-electrode 10/6mm sintered CUP-electrode 10/6mm sintered
sintered, moulded CUP-electrode with 10mm diameter of the moulded electrode-body and 6mm diameter of the electrode.
Disposable CUP-electrode Disposable CUP-electrode
Disposable EEG CUP-Electrode, diameter 10 mm and Ag/AgCl surface for best signal recording. With different colored cables and touch proof 1,5mm DIN connector.
Cup electrode sintered 14mm/8mm Cup electrode sintered 14mm/8mm
Sintered EEG CUP-electrode (blue) with colored lead wires and cable-bend-protection. The diameter of the moulded cover is 14mm, the diameter of the electrode is 6mm.
Disposable cup electrodes - Ag/AgCl Disposable cup electrodes - Ag/AgCl
Einmal CUP-Elektroden sind eine Alternative zu den traditionellen Ag/AgCL-Elektroden. Die niedrigen Kosten erlauben es, die Elektroden auch bei Polygraphie- und EP-Ableitungen einzusetzen. Das Trägermaterial ist aus Kunststoff, der mit...
SPIDER electrode SPIDER electrode
The SPIDER electrode is a excellent alternative to the normal CUP-electrodes because of the special design, the construction and the lvery light weight SPIDER electrodes can be used with a adhesive-conductive paste or cream as an...
Cable for disposable disc electrodes Cable for disposable disc electrodes
Connection cable for disposable disc-electrodes (art.-nr. 1183AGCL10). In 100cm or 150cm length and with 1,5mm DIN connector or 2mm connector equipped. Only in aset of 10 pieces available.
CUP-electrode gold (GRASS) CUP-electrode gold (GRASS)
GRASS CUP-electrodes from gold, in 6mm or 10mm diameter available. Different cable-lengths with 1,5mm DIN connector or 2mm connector.
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