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EEG cable 90cm EEG cable 90cm
90cm length EEG cable with 2mm safety to 1,5mm DIN connector
Clip electrode Clip electrode
ECG Clip which can be used also as Groundelectrode during EEG and EMG recording. Connection with 3mm or 4mm pin
Bridge electrode Bridge electrode
Sintered bridge electrode with silver pin.
Felts for Bridge electrodes Felts for Bridge electrodes
Felts for bridge electrodes BE0005
Felts Cover material Felts Cover material
Spare pads ( 100pc. ) for bridge electrodes with cotton and 50 rubber ring for fixation.
Finger toe electrode Finger toe electrode
Finger-toe-electrode with 5cm loop and 200cm cable, 5-pole.
Chin strap (universal EEG-Cap) Chin strap (universal EEG-Cap)
Chin Strap for Universal EEG cap
Ear tab (universal EEG-Cap) Ear tab (universal EEG-Cap)
Ear Tab for universal EEG Cap
Universal EEG-cap Universal EEG-cap
Universal EEG-cap with 3 longitudinal bracings.
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