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SAC2 adhesive conductive paste SAC2 adhesive conductive paste
SAC2 is an adhesive EEG electrode cream to use with surface electrodes. SAC2 provides the resistive, cohesive and adhesive features necessary even for long term recording.
Korsolex Plus Korsolex Plus
Aldehyde-free disinfectant
Tensive adhesive conductive paste Tensive adhesive conductive paste
Hypoallergene conductive adhesive paste, content: 50gr.
HELLIGE conductive cream HELLIGE conductive cream
EEG - EKG contact cream for long term recording. Non adhesive effect.
GIGASEPT disinfection solution GIGASEPT disinfection solution
Desinfektion fluid with cleaning effect
AC-CREAM adhesive conductive paste AC-CREAM adhesive conductive paste
AC-Cream is a strong adhesive, conductive cream. It is white, nontransparent and water soluble with a PH-value from 6,6 up to 7,0.
INFA skin cleaning pads (SystemCaps) INFA skin cleaning pads (SystemCaps)
Pads to clean the skin
EVERI skin preparation cream EVERI skin preparation cream
The special mixture of EVERI reduces skin impedance to a minimum and is specially for use with EEG, EMG, EP, ECG longtime- and telemetry-monitorings.
SIGNA electrode gel SIGNA electrode gel
Contact-gel to reduce the skin-transistion-resistance. NO ADHESIVE QUALITIES !!
ELEFIX EEG adhesive paste ELEFIX EEG adhesive paste
ELEFIX is an outstanding adhesive-conductive paste for EEG
TEN-20 conductive adhesive paste TEN-20 conductive adhesive paste
TEN - 20 is a neurodiagnostic contact paste that does not become lumpy and does not dry . As a result, a second application is not necessary. TEN -20 is easy to clean and leaves no residue . Furthermore, it is CT- compatible because they...
NUPREP preparation gel NUPREP preparation gel
Nuprep is a modern, medium-grained skin preparation gel. We recommended Nuprep also for sensitive skin such as premature babies , because it does not cause skin irritation . It is used to reduce the electrical resistance of the skin....
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