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Thermal respiratory sensor "ThermoCan" Thermal respiratory sensor "ThermoCan"
Thermale single use respiratory cannula "ThermoCan" with nasal prongs. 210cm cable with male "Luer" connector. With wiresets available for nearly any PSG system."ThermoCan" is a more comfortable, easy to use pressure and thermal solution.
Airflow feeler for small children Airflow feeler for small children
A miniatur-thermoelementsensor for the nasal respiratory flow. Developed especially for small children and primature infants to control the respiratory flow. The sensor will be mounted on the bridge of the nose. Its thermo-elements...
Disposable air flow feeler Disposable air flow feeler
The small version of the airflow sensor has the same thermo principle as the infinty flowsensor. The very specified size is specially made for babys and infants.
DC pressure airflow Sensor DC pressure airflow Sensor
The DC Pressure Sensor employs a special pressure transducer, to provide a DC voltage output relative to the air pressure. Internally calibrated and temperture-compensated, accuracy is maintained for extended periods. Output voltage is...
Infinity Sensor, 3-way Infinity Sensor, 3-way
The small version of the Airflow-sensor has the same thermo principle as the infinty flow sensor. The very specific size is specially made for babys and infants. This sensor is available as reusable or disposable version.
Airflow Sensor Thermocouple Airflow Sensor Thermocouple
The principle is the same as the Thermistor Airflow Sensor. The variation is based how the airflow is measured. So it´s possible to replace the sensorpart with demand. But if the sensor is defect, the thermocouple element must be changed...
Oral flow Sensor - Thermocouple Oral flow Sensor - Thermocouple
The 1-way Oral Flow Sensor is suitable very well for the attachment with an nasal Pneumoflowsensor, in order to get an additional signal. Cable length: 2,00 m
AC pressure airflow Sensor AC pressure airflow Sensor
The AC Pressure Airflow Sensor is designed to detect respiratory airflow and/or snoring for recording by a polygraph EEG or similar type of physiological recorders. The airflow detection is done with a piezo sensor that is attached to...
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